Iranian fan at Russia 2018

Russia World Cup 2018 thoughts and photo collection

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend two world cups. I highly recommend attending a World Cup if it is something that is of any interest to you. Although football is the centrepiece of the event, the beauty of the event really is the coming together of the world.

Thousands and thousands of fans from the qualified countries and from countries that didn’t qualify come to the host nation and you see everyone carrying their national flags and mixing with others. There are few events like it. Whether fierce competitors or not the human side of the world really shows itself as everyone appreciates everyone else.

Russia did a fantastic job of hosting the World Cup. I was not going to attend but a last minute change of heart took me to Russia for 7 unplanned memorable days. Seeing Russia was eye opening. While I didn’t get to spend enough time to really see more of the country the impression I was left with is far more positive than I had in mind. This is a common feeling. It also happened to me in 2014 when I went to Brazil and expected something that was totally different than reality.

My passion for sports, technology and my native country lead me to start a now defunct sports site in 1997. I have now added photography to that passion. Hence, below are my favorite photos from my time at Russia 2018.

Iranian fans
Iranian fans marching to Kazan stadium from the Kazan fan zone.
The Danish caps are unique to them.
Mexican Fan
Mexican fans are always visible at World Cups.
Red Square
The area around Red Square was a fan favourite and lit up very nicely.
Iranian fan with Asiatic cheetah
This Iranian fan had a unique look adding the Asiatic cheetah to his head gear. The Iranian team has had an environmental connection to the Asiatic cheetah since 2014 due to the animals dire circumstances facing extinction.
Uruguay and Iran fans together
An example of fans taking photos together. Uruguay Iranian and Russia fans.
Belgium fans.
The Belgiums were quite optimistic this year. Their team did do well.
French fans - father and son
French father and son showing their colors.
Tunisian fans
Tunisian fans were fantastic in Moscow
Russian fans
Russians were very proud of their country and very hospitable. These Russians were on their way to Iran vs. Spain.
Russian cultural dances
It was really nice to see Russian culture on display in Saransk
The Kremlin
The Kremlin.
St. Basil's Cathederal
St. Basil’s Cathedral
Moscow metro station
The metro stations in Moscow’s very impressive subway station were beautiful. This is Komsomolskaya station
Russian ladies
Definitely thumbs up to Russia for a great job.

If I had to pick one photo that I’d say was the photo of the tournament for me it would have to be this photo of this Iranian fan. It was a windy day in Kazan at the fan zone but the combination of his head gear and the flag with wind movements made it fantastic.

Iranian fan at Russia 2018
Iranian fan with a flag on a windy day. Ended up being a great photo.

A great tournament has come to an end. The countdown begins to Qatar 2022. Thank you Russia.


Note: If you would like to share these photos please feel free to do so but do give credit by putting a link to this post. Thank you.