Product Design – Option check list management

When designing products for consumers it’s always a good idea to try and maximize simplicity. I recently notice two methods of managing a check list on the web that I thought was a good contrast and good tip for good design.

On LinkedIn I was looking at jobs posted by eBay. eBay has many different companies that are owned by eBay Inc and they all got listed. However I was only interested in positions at eBay and none of the other subsidiaries. To only select eBay I was presented with the option of unclicking a list of boxes. What did I do? I just closed the window and moved on. It was not the best user experience.

Ebay Jobs On Linked
LinkedIN’s search screen and a list that would require lots of clicking.


A better solution is what does when there are lists. It’s a simple solution but very effective on the user experience. To the right of the option an option shows up when you hover over the list item. The option is “Only” indicating that you only want to see results from that list option. Lovely way of giving the user what they want effectively and with ease.

Kayak has an elegant way of helping users manage long list of options.

These little features can have a profound impact on the user and the products reputation. Always think of the user when designing.

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